Good News. This proposal has been accepted.

In its November 12 meeting, the Musical Instrument Selection Committee reviewed a proposal dated October 7, 2009 from Jerroll Adams Organ Builder to renovate a 20 rank Wicks pipe organ housed in the Bloomfield Hills Michigan stake center. The proposal listed a cost of $74,875.

I am in the process of writing a history of this organ. So far this is what I have.

April 26, 1959 the Bloomfield Hills Stake Center was dedicated by David O. McKay.

Approximately 1,600 people attended the stake center dedication conducted by the stake's president, George W. Romney

  Original organ installed in: ?  with pipes that were purchased from a theater organ.

Recital by Mormon Tabernacle Organist Alexander Schreiner.

1971  Wicks Organ Company put in new console, and additional pipes (façade and front chest) Later there was some water damage to the other pipes and they were replaced (by Wicks?)

Tabernacle Organist Robert Cundick gave a recital and gave organ lessons.

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