I write this blog entry in memory of my former organ teacher, Dona Lee Brandon, who passed away last week. She was the kind of person who always went the extra mile in everything she did, and was a fine musician.    

“Nimrod” by Edward Elgar

This is often performed at memorial services. The original was written for orchestra, but I like it on organ. I especially like Diane Bish's performance above.

Here is a link to my free organ arrangement of this piece


 Here is a wonderful performance of “The Star-spangled Banner: Concert Variations” by Dudley Buck, performed by Samuel John Swartz. I am currently learning this piece. My feet are so busy that I include my practice on my daily exercise log.


click on Part 1.

Here is my very favorite organ piece, J.S. Bach’s “Passacaglia and Fugue in C Minor.” I leaned this while taking lessons from Dona. The Chair of the organ department at the University of Michigan, James Kibbie, has been recording all of Bach’s many organ works in Germany on historic organs, and I had been eagerly awaiting his recording of this piece.


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